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It is highly recommended that you use the Gupta Program in conjunction with Coaching with one of our practitioners. This can be done face-to-face, by Skype, or phone, so you can choose any practitioner no matter where they are based.

It is advisable to read about the coach on their website, and arrange a free 15 minute initial consultation with whomever you are attracted to. Then you can find the one who you make a connection with the most. When you email them, please provide the following info: Name, City, Brief History of the Condition, Challenges, How a Coach could Help you.

The program was originally created to be done in this way with follow-up coaching to maximize the positive effects. This is because each retrainer comes to the program with their own unique set of circumstances, and so the program has to be tailored to those individual needs. If you have general questions about the program, please contact


Paulien Elzinga

Languages: Dutch and English


Heather Boyer

Language: English


Deborah Mayaan

Language: English


Virginia Gasión Royo

Languages: Spanish and English

Ursula Profile

Ursula Rothamel

Languages: German and English


Lisa Irwin

Language: English


Maria José Vergara Martine

Languages: Spanish, English and Dutch


Clare Gee

Languages: English


Jen Evans

Language: English


Sophie Schlogel

Languages: French & English


Frances Goodall

Language: English

Not Currently Taking New Clients



Languages: Dutch, English and French

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